What’s Being Said

On Jim Kenney’s administration…

“…while [Kenney]… isn’t America’s flashiest progressive mayor, he might be one of the most effective at dealing with things that matter to progressives.”
Governing Magazine – December 2018

“[Jim Kenney has] a vision — an enormously bold one . . . that’s rooted in the progressive ideals that have gotten stronger as he’s gotten older: racial inclusiveness, support for immigrants, economic justice.”
Philadelphia Magazine – January 2019

“Wilson Goode believes quite strongly in Jim Kenney, to the point that the former mayor says, He may end up — getting more concrete things done than Ed Rendell did.”
Philadelphia Magazine – January 2019

“Mayor Kenney deserved to take a victory lap after his first year in office…Kenney has shown himself able to build coalitions, reaching across boundaries of neighborhoods and classes – and City Council”
Philadelphia Daily News Editorial Board – December 2016

On education…

“No doubt, the mayor’s top focus has been schools, and it shows.”
Philadelphia Inquirer – October 2018

“At the center of almost everything for Kenney is education…And it’s where Kenney himself sounds the boldest.”
Philadelphia Magazine – January 2019

“At the end of the day, Philadelphia schools belong to Philadelphians. That’s why we applaud Mayor Kenney for his courageous move to take back the schools from state control.”
Philadelphia Inquirer – November 2017

On immigration…

“Philadelphia had emerged as one of the largest thorns in the Trump administration’s side. It wore its sanctuary reputation like a badge of honor, and its leaders, including Kenney and District Attorney Larry Krasner, continued to find creative ways to outmaneuver ICE’s enforcement efforts.”
ProPublica – December 2018

“Kenney, a born-and-bred Philly guy, proud descendent of Irish immigrants – has been a consistent supporter of immigrants and immigration, and the Pew Report shows the benefits of that consistency.  It’s a lead the rest of the country should follow.”
Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board – June 2018

On the environment…

Environmentalists give the Kenney administration solid marks for a strong sustainability agenda.”
Philadelphia Inquirer – October 2018

On the opioid epidemic…

“…the city deserves credit for creating what is essentially a thoughtful response [to the opioid crisis]: one that puts humanity first and counters the usual government response of denial, incarceration, demonization, and despair.”
Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial Board – June 2018

On justice reform…

“[Mayor Kenney] announced last week that it would close its notorious 91-year-old House of Correction jail because reforms begun two years ago have dropped the city’s jail population by 33 percent, without causing any increase in crime or chaos.”
The Washington Post – June 2018

The magazine Philadelphia has called Kenney, “Mr. Criminal Justice Reform,” citing his record as councilman, which included championing the decriminalization of marijuana in Philadelphia, which he called a civil-rights issue, and campaign promises to eliminate cash bail for some low-level defendants and to give convicted felons a second chance.”
The Atlantic – March 2016